Rejection, Fear, and Dating

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Single again?  As we travel through life, we often end up single.  There are many reasons why. It could be the result of meeting the wrong person, death, cheating, lies, divorce, location, goals, and more.  Losing a relationship impacts us in many ways.  It can be very painful, or it can be very refreshing, or anywhere in-between.  No matter what the cause or the degree of pain, there is one truth we all share: We don’t want to end up alone.  We want to find companionship.

In order to get into a new relationship, we have to be willing to meet and go out with people. It’s our own fear, however, that often gets in the way.

? We fear getting rejected.
? We fear having a bad time.
? We fear getting hurt.
? We fear having to reject someone else.

All these fears are valid yet easily overcome.  If someone rejects you, it only means that that person feels you are not right for them.  Believe me, there is someone else who would love to be with you. You have to accept rejection. It is only through trying do we get to the right person.

Many dates and relationships don’t work out.  You may look back and think of it as a bad time.  It is all right to have a bad time.  Only through bad dates do we get to the good dates.  It is through our bad relationships that we have the opportunity to learn more about ourselves and what we want, to then approach relationships with more knowledge to succeed.

No one wants to get hurt but if we do not dare to fall in love and get hurt, we cannot be in love. Getting hurt is part of the process.  We do get through it and the pain does go away.  The best part is there is new love waiting for you.

You may also be fearful of rejecting someone.  The truth is no one is obligated to stay with someone who isn’t right for them.  Rejection is part of the dating and relationship process.

Change how you look at rejection and see it as a favor.  When you reject someone you are releasing him or her to go find someone who will truly appreciate that person.  Look at it that way also when someone rejects you.  After all, do you really want to be with someone who doesn’t want you?  It’s better to be free to find someone who actually wants to be with you.

Can you predict the future?  I can’t.  In fact, most of us don’t think we can.  Yet we continue to believe in self-limiting thoughts about the future.  We believe so firmly in these thoughts we allow them to stop us from moving forward and realizing opportunities.

Instead of predicting pain, I can predict for you that if you embrace the dating process instead of watching life pass you by, you will have both good and bad times.  I can also predict that these good and bad times will lead you to even better times.

Embrace the journey and release your fear.

Thinking about trying Online Dating

Thinking about trying Online Dating but not really sure if it’s the right thing for you? I have been surfing the net for years wondering in and out of websites cruising for the right one and the right people. Finally I have found my wife to be and i am here to share with you my finest secrets on how to use Internet dating to its maximum and find your soul mate.

If your new to internet dating or just about to take that exciting plunge into finding your souls companion online. Then you must read this free info article first. I am going to save you years off your search and teach you how to avoid the thousands of annoying fake profiles currently online for free. THAT’S RIGHT FREE!

Ok so your tired of sitting at home waiting for Mr. or Mrs. right to walk in through your lounge room door and sweep you off your feet. And you have probably been wondering where people go to meet other singles that think about life the way you do. Night clubs are cool and full of a lot of singles, but its really hard to meet genuine heart felt people that have a dozen beers under their belt.

You are an amazing human being and you should wake up everyday and tell yourself that. There are literally millions of single people out there that are just dying inside for someone to just talk to. A lot of these singles have already joined the online dating scene and often log onto their favorite site to just say hi to people after a long day at work.

There are loads of websites on the market that offer everything. Some free, and others that are very expensive. So what’s the main difference between them? and how can you choose which ones are better suited to you? To be honest I believe I would be a member of at least 10 dating sites. And let me say that at least 9 of them are garbage. Some Great site Qualities to look for are:
· Opening of the site is professional
· Members pics on front page
· Choose a site that isn’t afraid to show how many members it has
· Often a site with fewer numbers gives you greater chances to be noticed by others
· Choose a site that you can join for free before you have to pay for sending emails.
· Look for a description of what the site offers before joining; make sure it’s not a porn site.

Professional Dating sites are by order of the law, under strict guidelines in regards to your personal information are therefore prohibited from distributing any of your personal information onto second or third parties. As a rule of thumb its always good practice to read their terms of use and privacy policies first. If a site doesn’t have both of these DON’T JOIN. Normally you will find these tags at the bottom of the page.

Sitting at home or at work will not improve your chances of finding that someone special. If you were going to buy a car would you be more inclined to buy a car sitting in the back of someone’s garage not advertised, or do you think that you would more then likely buy a car from a car yard. You know the one with the red display flags hanging all over it. That’s right, you would definitely buy the car from the car yard cause it’s advertised. The same thing applies to your dating life.

Once you have joined a website don’t pay right away for email usage. Upload a picture if you can, it increases your chances of people emailing you. Search for other member’s profiles and send Virtual kisses first. Once you can see other members are interested in you and that they are roughly the type of people you want to get to know then upgrade for a paid membership and begin communicating.

Now you have all the tools needed for a successful online dating campaign. Before you read this article you were probably a bit apprehensive about joining a dating site but think about all the things you just learnt.

· How to find real people
· How to pick a professional site
· How to play the numbers game successfully
· How to get noticed quicker
· How to test a site before you buy in
· The importance of advertising yourself
· Online dating security
· How to find your real soul mate